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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Canadian Resources

I started this page so it will be bit easier for other Canadian Grandparents to find information that I have spent hours searching for - I will post each new helpful link as I find it.

If you have some URL's of sites that I don't have listed here, please send them to me and I will put them on the page.

The email list that I have placed a link to here (CanGrands), is a place to go to 'talk' with others who are either raising grandchildren, or who are seeking access to their grandchildren. The Mailing List is made up of a group of people who know and understand what you are going through, as one or more of them have gone or are going through what you are now. You are not alone.

CanGrands Mailing List Orphaned Grandparents' Association Grandparent Support For Parents of Adult Addicts
Research Project, and links for Victoria area Coming Soon coming soon coming soon
coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon

Federal Government Law linked by Province QuickLaw Saskatchewan Justice - Programs and Services Family Law Etc.
(AB) Legal Aid Morrie Sacks - Law Library (B.C.) Electronic Research Tools Saskatchewan Children's Law Act
Ontario Information Manitoba Family Law Nfld\Labrador Family Law Information Family Law Glossary and great legal resource links
Joel Miller - Internet Resources Directories coming soon coming soon coming soon

The National Child and Family Advocacy Council of Canada Grandparent-Grandchild Access: A Legal Analysis Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Effects B.C. Ministry For Children and Families
Grand-Parent-Again Manitoba Study - Cost of Raising Children Robyn's Nest Association To Reunite Grandparents & Families
Off Our Rockers FAS - Information and Mailing List Child Maintenance Information (Google Search) Calgary Herald Article Re: Legal Representation for Children
Article by GRG Stats Can - Chart of GRG's by age of Grandchildren and no. of Grandparents in the home Services for Children: Guide to Government of Canada Services for Children and their Families coming soon

Grandparent Access Dependant Allowance Grandparents' Rights/Access Grandparents & Seniors
Hearts And Hands Across Canada Grandparents' Quilt Grandparent Research Grandparent Books To Grandma's House, We...Stay
coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon

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Last updated July 15, 2003.