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Dependant Allowance

"Dependant Allowance" is available in Canada for each grandchild that a grandparent is raising. This is through Social Services and is based only on the grandchild's income...(what income?)

The States help with a lot more and this is an area we need to work on here. It helps. I get $214.00 a month for Asheleigh which pays for the extra's like her music and swimming lessons.

American Grandparents' can check into TANIF = Temporary Assistance to Needy Income Families
Federally funded income program distributed through the state welfare offices. For Grandchildren there is a child only grant that does not concider the income of the grandparents, only the income of the child.

Submitted By:
Betty Cornelius-President
The Association to Reunite Grandparents & Families
R.R. # 1, Mc Arthurs Mills
Ontario, Canada K0L 2M0
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