Association To Reunite Grandparents & Families

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Association To Reunite Grandparents & Families

The Association to Reunite grandparents & Families is a support group with three chapters in Ontario. We give support to those denied access of loved ones as well as those raising grandchildren.

"Rooted in Truth To Unite in Love"


1. Support system for all family members.
2. Identifying and meeting the children's needs.
3. Mediation before litigation.
4. Public education and awareness.
5. Political action to create and enforce access.
6. Re-Parenting education
7. Community support for those raising grandchildren


The Association To Reunite Grandparents and Families will welcome all family members in need of support.
Offer peer support in the group meetings.
All members and guests shall treat each other with respect.
To provide speakers on various topics related to our cause.
To keep the confidentiality of each member and their personal situations.


1. No change to name or logo of the group.
2. Only paid members shall have a vote on any changes being made by the Association or by the executive.
3. We will operate as one group having the same aims, objectives and guidelines with one fee structure for all members.
4. All chapters acting under the name The Association to Reunite Grandparents and Families shall share ideas and information with fellow chapters so we may benefit the common cause.


Annual membership fees shall remain at $35.00 per couple and $ 20.00 per single member. Visitors will be asked to donate $3.00 per visit.

Membership fees are due at the beginning of each fiscal year.


O'Lord, we ask you to bless all grandparents and their grandchildren, their parents and the extended family members, especially those who because of misunderstandings or other difficulties, have has their relationship severed. Let us ask for a healing of all intergenerational conflicts. Old ones and ones occurring now, so that courageous conversations and loving forgiveness become very real parts of family life. O'Lord, give us the courage and the strength to contribute to the formation and upholding of strong family ties to make for a world of peace, love and understanding. We ask you through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

CLICK HERE TO EMAIL - Betty Cornelius-President;
The Association to Reunite Grandparents & Families

or ICQ # 20937540


Association To Reunite Grandparents & Families
R.R. # 1 Mc Arthurs Mills
Ontario, Canada K0L 2M0


Oshawa 905-723-9954 or 435-0489
Bowmanville 905-623-8038
Uxbridge 905-985-0066
Waterloo 519-746-2254
Oakville 905-339-2465
Bancroft 613-474-0035

Love Betty Cornelius-President
The Association to Reunite Grandparents & Families
R.R. # 1, Mc Arthurs Mills
Ontario, Canada K0L 2M0
ICQ # 20937540